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Private Practice

Marcia F. W. Jones, Certified Movement Analyst

A Movement Practice for Life: Integrate Mind, Body and Spirit

Embodied Coaching

What to expect in my Private Practice of embodied coaching?

My work as a movement analyst provides a customized approach to total body wellness. It does not matter what shape or age your body is or whether or not you are currently active or sedentary.

I can help you:

  • Bring mindfulness to movement
  • Transform your body for movement efficiency
  • Support the integration of mind and body
  • Discover freedom and joy within the body
  • Restore your health and well-being

During a 60-minute session, I suggest and guide you with simple movements and exercises based upon the Bartenieff Fundamentals™, Laban Movement Analysis, 5Rhythms®, BodyMind Centering  and other somatic based therapies.

I observe and witness your body in a range of routine movements related to work or recreation.

I help support your awareness and connections within your body as you move.

You will find more ease and efficiency in your day-to-day activities.

Over a series of sessions, the process enables re-patterning of your body and awakening of vitality and expressivity.

Sessions for Parents with Infants and Young Children

I am offering private sessions for parents with their children to address concerns such as:

·         a child’s mastery of healthy, independent and integrated movement

·         timelines for developmental movement milestones

·         emotional and physical bonding of parents to their child

·         restoration of a Mother’s body after childbirth

My private practice can also offer practical solutions to common parenting questions:

·         how to create a supportive and stimulating environment for your child’s natural movement development

·         what tools can be used for enhancing communication and social interactions between infants and toddlers with care-givers

·         why it is important (and fun!) for parents to explore movement together with their young children

Parent and child sessions are 45 minutes in duration and can be done in the comfort of your own home or in my private studio.

Private practice fees, group rates and gift certificates available by request.

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