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Sweet Somatic Surrender

February 24, 2012

“Hello…is there anybody in there? Is there anyone at home”? The words from the Pink Floyd song echo in my head. Seems that I have reached a new state of awareness where I can see how I have allowed a lifetime of fear of letting go lock me into a self-made box, suffocating my joie de vive.

The calling has come to dive deep into my personal prison box. I have not entered into this gracefully, feeling a strong resistance and struggle. Haven’t I done enough therapy, conscious embodiment, mediation and integration I cried? Apparently not, my body says. My resistance has resulted in strained relationships and the frustrating inability to manifest what my heart desires.

And yet, now, my body is beckoning me to break out of this box, let go and surrender to the natural ebb and flow of life. I am being asked to trust and follow my feet while I reconnect with the Divine within and around me.

How can I find this somatic surrender? Over the years, I have been learning and practicing the simple art of energetically and physically grounding my body to the earth. Lying down, sitting or standing – the earth’s strong gravitational pull on my body is teaching me to let go in a gentle way.

Bonnie Banbridge Cohen, in her work of Body Mind Centering ™, describes grounding as our personal physical relationship with our body to the earth’s gravitational field.  As newborns, she says our first task after coming out of our watery womb-home, is to bond to the earth through gravity, usually through lying on our bellies. Peggy Hackney goes onto say that our ability to yield our body weight through contact with the earth is then met and matched by the earth as support. This reminded me of that basic law of physics – every action has an equal and opposite reaction. As the earth meets the yield of our body weight, the yield becomes a push and you begin to rise away from the floor and prepare to move. This dynamic two-way relationship has been described as the Yield & Push cycle. We can also experience embodiment when we actively choose to yield into the earth, feeling the boundaries of where our skin, bones, muscles and tissues begin and end. When we feel the earth meet us and provide the impetus to push and move away, we can locomote into the world, exploring the space beyond ourselves.


Following My Feminine Flow

When we work with our relationship to gravity and feel in our body the support of the earth below us, this can act as emotional support for us. The very act of lying down and sensing the weight of our bones releasing into the ground, encourages us to let go of the struggle. This can be a challenge for us if we are used to holding tension in our bodies due to fear, stress, worry or trauma. Maybe we cannot find comfort in surrender because if we let go of control, we imagine we will not be safe and something bad might happen.

And yet, energetically, when I can yield and surrender to gravity I get an image of being held by a big mother. She has the capacity to absorb all of my tension, all of my angst and all of my struggles. I can just let go, allowing her to hold and carry me. I don’t need to do anything, she is always there, 24×7, unconditionally. Nothing is too big for her to absorb, nothing is too much for her to transform into something else. This somatic resourcing is available to me wherever and whenever I need it.

If you feel called to break out of your own self-made box, here is a quick guide to how you might practice somatic surrender for yourself.

Lie down comfortably in any position, on your back, your belly or your side. Imagine heavy warm wet blankets covering your body, relaxing tension in your muscles. Imagine the earth actually gives way gently to make room for your body, like the impression your body makes while lying in sand on a beach. The sand reaches up and meets your body as you relax your body more into the sand. Become aware of your breath and how it gently moves your body as you inhale and exhale. Allow any images, thoughts or sensations to come and go as they also release into the earth. Then roll over to a different surface of your body. Allow your body to settle on this new surface and feel the sand coming up to meet whatever part of your body is resting on the ground. Continue to relax your muscles even more. Notice your breath and any new images, thoughts or sensations. Transition your body again and repeat the sequence until you have done all 4 surfaces of your body. When you are on the last surface of your body, note how you are feeling emotionally, physically, spiritually, and intellectually. Are you able to take in the support offered from the earth and let go? Be gentle with yourself as you transition back up to standing and then check in one more time noting how you are feeling.

From my surrender to the earth, I can find my flow. The true juicy flow of my feminine energy, connected to my core, connected to my essence, connected to others, connected to the Divine. Yes, the deliciousness of the surrender finds me back in the game of life.

“Sweet surrender
Is all that I have to give
You take me in
No questions aske
Your strip away the ugliness
That surrounds me”

~Sarah McLachlan~

Wishing you great peace in your somatic surrender while we journey together on this precious, generous earth.


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  1. Caleb permalink
    August 29, 2013 22:26

    I really like this article. I have been studying somatic therapies independently for over a year now and this is the first time I’ve seen the topic of surrender dealt with specifically, thank you.

    • August 29, 2013 22:46

      Thanks for your comments. This practice of somatic surrender is very much a practice in my life. I have found great comfort from it whether I am on the dance floor, in a pool of warm water, or lying on the grass gazing up at the sky. Blessings!

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