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Inner Dancer Blog: Beginning to Untangle the Exact Nature of the Practice

February 28, 2011

I am starting to see a pattern in some of my conversations with my family, friends, students and clients. They say, Marcia, as a CMA, what is it exactly that you do? And I quickly respond with my usual CMA elevator pitch:

I gather information through observation of your body in movement to help support your awareness and connections in your body so that you may find more ease and functionality in your daily life. I use aspects of Laban Movement Analysis (LMA), the Bartentieff Fundamentals (BF) and Body Mind Centering (BMC) as my primary tools to assist you.

And then they scrunch up their face and say, “oh”. “So what is it that you do exactly?”

Ok, message received. It was time to heed the call to bring more clarity to what it is that I do. Hence the Inner Dancer blog was born. I figured it could help to unravel the mystery of the CMA, LMA, BF and BMC anachronisms and put it into the every-day language of movement. My intent through this blog is to:

  • Bring awareness to our bodies in motion
  • Provide insight to support ourselves and our children through all phases of life
  • Discuss specific tools to help integrate the mind and body
  • Uncover freedom and joy through movement in our day-to-day lives
  • Explore embodied somatic practices

These days we are all forced to be discerning consumers because of the multitudes of resources available at our fingertips. It is my hope that the Inner Dancer blog can be one of those sources of education and inspiration in your daily life. My personal experience learning and practicing holistic movement modalities is that we are able to take in information mentally and physically as and when we are ready. Sometimes an event will occur that propels us to seek help from others. This can be a turning point in our personal growth and healing process.

I will end this blog today by sharing a bit about my vision of my work as a CMA and a holistic movement practitioner and educator.

My image of an Inner Dancer is someone who is willing to experience their whole being by sourcing their Inner inspiration and truth and finding ways to manifest it with fullness in their Outer expressivity.

Each of us has a unique and continuous flow and flux from Inner to Outer and back again like a möbius strip. One side of the möbius strip represents our Inner feelings and impulses, while the other side represents our Outer expression and manifestation of those feelings and impluses into the world. As we explore these polarities for ourselves and the balance between them, we can reveal new possibilities for how we want to think, feel and move in our bodies.

Finding your Inner Dancer can be a fascinating and meaningful journey of discovery. It is my wish to offer this precious gift of discovery to you.

Wishing you health and vitality in movement,


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